Sickly in the Sunshine State — 1. 15. 11

Sorry for my lacking or posting this week. I feel funny writing this because I post in this thing usually with the mindset that I’m the only one who ever reads it (like a diary i guess?) but then I get all these awesome replies and responses from you awesome e-friends (electronic friends as I like to abv.)  and the remember again. Until I forget again. Never ending cycle.

Let’s see. For my ‘new years resolution’ I wanted to start WRITING in my blog instead of just putting pictures. It’s not always easy as I’m usually busy working, or out running doing things, or ‘tumbling’ around my own brain. But I’m going to try!

Currently I’m in the great ol’ state of Florida, where people are crazy and think that ‘hoodie weather’ is really freezing and yet they still rock shorts and flip flops. I like it though. Kind of reminds me of my favorite place, LA, where no weather, no temperature can make you wear any other shoes than a flip flop. Unless it’s an event. Then it’s 6 inch heels. But that’s a completely different story. Anyways, back to Florida. Hi, I appreciate you. I like your 24 Starbucks, and your clean grocery stores, and your random seagulls and geckos that I have become buds with. So with all this wonderful sunshine and bubbles, I’ve had the cold from hell. Pardon my french, but seriously. Over it. I’d like my life, my voice, and my fun back now, thank you.

Anyway anyway anyway. I think I love that word. Time for bed. Well, actually, time to finish writing lyrics to this last line of a new twanky-ish Lucero-ish (not even on purpose!) sounding song I’ve been working on for the record. CANT. WAIT.

;) Night yall