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Alrighty everyone, here’s the answers to your questions! I did all the ones I could & grouped the similar ones together. Thanks for all your questions!    :o)

  • drewcalvillo answered: how did you start out in a band was it hard to find other band members?

I actually joined after Lydia was already a band. There was another female before me that didn’t work out. I had friends who toured & knew I was eager to be doing the same. So In late 2005, Loren, Lydia’s drummer at the time, contacted me wondering if I was interested in checking out the music because he had heard from fellow friends of some girl in Nashville who might fit the band. Pretty much, they came through, I saw them live, tried out in the van on acoustic & joined just a month later.

  • changeincolors answered: Mine’s more of a request than a question…Will you guys pleaseeeee play fate or, sleep well orrr, a story4supper on this upcoming tour

haha Blanca! I will talk to Leighton about it and see what he says :)

  • sarahbethlove answered: how do you keep your hair so dang perfect all the time?

haha it is so NOT perfect ever! But if I can be girly for a second: I basically use my straightener (Chi) to curl it since it’s only halfway curls if I let it airdry. I don’t wash it but every 3-4 days because it’s easier to manage that way, plus it’s a royal pain anytime you take a shower on tour cause people are fighting for the bathroom. oh and my secret weapon: baby powder. Just a little bit helps, it’s like dry shampoo.

  • ohhsaraa answered: i thought i asked you something already but how did you come up with Lydia ? :D

I’m assuming you mean the name “Lydia,” and I wish there was a cooler story than this… but basically Lydia was thought up by Steve. Leights & Steven actually had another before Lydia called “Next to Best” and when they decided to change the music they didn’t think of a name before they had shows booked. Steve said they were about to go on one night and didn’t even have a name and the guy said “well give me…something, anything” so he said Lydia. haha

  • theshizz answered: how did you get that recyclable cup from starbucks?
  • xoxobunny answered: HIHI! haha i was just wondering where you got your non-throw away cup from starbucks. did you just ask for it at the store?

Oh man! They stopped selling them! They’re online I heard for $50 some places too. But mine was a gift from someone who knew I’d been searching high & low for one.

  • vivalakogge answered: This isn’t a question but I go to Eastern Kentucky University and you should come perform up here.

We will try our best! We love college shows. You can contact zachary@highroadtouring.com for a serious college show booking..

  • aheartdivided answered: when will get to see some of your own writing & lyrics? leighton’s is beyond wonderful, but you make me so curious. also, australian tour?

Well I have my own stuff I do when I get the time. It’s just garageband stuff I really just record for fun, but I write like crazy. I helped with “Illuminate” lyrics. I have plans of putting an EP out of my own stuff in the future, just takes tiiime & money, two things I need to acquire first. haha

  • ichaichu answered: When will Lydia come to Indonesia? And what is your favorite drink from Starbucks? ;)

We want to travel internationally so badly! It just depends on when we can get the right tour to bring us out there. But hopefully soooon! And as far as starbucks drinks, I’m pretty boring. I like really bold plain coffee (hot or iced) with a tiny bit of soy & splenda in it, haha. But sometimes I’ll add a syrup to it, or I’ll spring for a soy chai latte  :)

  • song answered: If you had to pick between a Martin or a Taylor acoustic, which would you pick?

I want to say Taylor, but I’ve heard some pretty amazing guitars before that we neither of the 2. I think it aaaall just depends on how they’re made/the actual person who makes them

  • erinpierce answered: What made you decide to pursue music/kick started your interest?
  • hollyrockwood answered: How did you get into music ?
  • meeesh answered: did you always know you wanted to be in music? because im going off to college and i have no idea what i want to do/be. ha
  • brytie answered: when did you decide to be in music and do you write music.

It’s weird, I was a sports freak from ages 4-17. I played everything I possibly could & I was set on a scholarship for softball. My dad was my coach my whole life, and I think just after a while I wanted to see what else was out there for me to do. I got dragged to a show choir audition from a friend who’d heard me sing, and once I made it and was given solos & felt that rush on stage…. I knew I wanted to be singing more than anything.

  • tamedbakedbeans answered: Can Lydia come to Dayton, Ohio???
  • onyourwings answered: Can you get Lydia to come back to Detroit? Grrrrrl, you guys are so amazing

We have been there before! But I’m sure we will again soon. thank you!

  • lolkayjk answered: how do you stay in such good shape?

haha I don’t know about that, but I’m lucky enough my mom passed me her skinny genes…. atleast for now cause sweets are the thing I love the most, I’m sure they’ll be haunting me soon.

Oh man.. I have so many, but I love this one from Walden:

Kings and queens who wear a suit but once, though made by some tailor or dressmaker to their majesties, cannot know the comfort of wearing a suit that fits. They are no better than wooden horses to hang the clean clothes on.”

  • whoismarti answered: what made you fall in love with alice in wonderland? And when did you start playing the piano?

I just remember being so amazed by the weird and curiousness of the movie. I have a huge imagination, I think I was just in awe. haha. And I picked up piano by playing around with my parents keyboard probably around 5th grade, just for fun. I’ve still never had lessons, just play from sound.

  • agisophie answered: Any chance to see Lydia in germany any time soon? :)
  • kkkrystie answered: do you think lydia will come to the uk? :)

Oh man, we’d love to! We have plans of touring internationally as soon as we can!

  • crodriguez answered: with so many bands and artists out there using auto-tune, how do you feel about it as a musician?

ehh, I can understand using in the studio for little parts if a person is struggling to get it absolutely perfect (if they’re sick or whatever), but when I found out that people were actually using it LIVE in concert it completely blew my mind. It’s like …ok if I wanted to hear an auto-tuned performance I’d save money on a ticket and just listen to your cd. I kind of like hearing the little flaws of live performances, as long as it’s not terrible or anything. It lets you know they’re HUMAN and it’s not just listening to the record.

  • amandaraaae answered: When are you coming to east coast? I need to see Lydia and meet you all:)

We’re always everywhere… haha We’ve played east coast tooooons of times. We are coming back in sept/oct too, so check the dates. :)  myspace.com/lydia

  • megzred answered: I can’t think of a good one, so I’m going to be lame and ask you your favorite restaurant or shop in Nashville because I live here too haha

Woo fun question! I love Pangea on Hillsboro Ave for fun little weird/random trinkets and things and Ru Sans for awesome affordable sushi.

  • schmidthead answered: Seeing as you are a role model to a lot of us, who have been your best role models and why do you feel as if they are the best people?
  • lettheshowbegin answered: who has inspired you the most?
  • Audrey Bowser answered: Who/what is one of your overall biggest inspirations? It could be for music/style..anything!

Oh, wow … well thank you! I have so many role models for so many reasons. Karen Carpenter, Judy Garland, & Emily Haines for their gorgeous voices, musical abilities, and for keeping it CLASSY, unlike a lot of performers today. My MOM for being one of the strongest and silliest people I know. My dad for being an amazing musician & raising me to have a sense of humor. Arthur Rackham for his GORGEOUS art. Henry David Thoreau for living through simplicity & teaching us all how to do so! And pretty much anyone else who I’ve encountered in my life who has an amazing genuine soul and are not afraid to dream.

  • arewedancer answered: What would you be doing/pursuing, if not music?

I’m all over the place with things I like to do, so that’s so hard. But either something with cooking/vegetarian foods/nutrition, own my own coffee/cafe place, maybe something to do with philosophy, or helping with animals.

still workin on them. just need more time & money to record! eessh!

  • allshedreams answered: Is Paula Deen your favorite TV chef?

Yes! on the food network atleast

  • greeneyesblueskies answered: what inspired you to become a vegetarian? any advice?
  • monicaintheair answered: Advice on going vegetarian? :)
  • awm92 answered: How/Why did you become a vegan/vegetarian? Is it hard to keep up with? I tried and it was difficult!

My friend bet me that I couldn’t last 3 weeks in high school. So I tried it, quit that day, and by 2 weeks I didn’t even miss it. 5 years later now, I have never craved a single meat product. It’s the easiest thing ever.

haha sure! come to a show and hangout!

  • sarpearbear answered: what/who inspires you to wake up everyday & embrace the beauty of life?

The sunlight! Coffee! Knowing that no matter where I am or what I have planned, the possibilities are endless. I was told by someone awesome once how he thinks of it. He said he is always so excited to finally go to bed at night after having a GREAT day because he knows that he’s going to wake up tomorrow and it’s going to be just THAT MUCH more incredible. Positivity. It’s contagious.

  • brendanklein answered: why don’t live in san diego as amelias nanny

haha oh brendan, don’t i wish i could. cutest baby award, absolutely. i miss you!

  • leighasalady answered: which side of the heart do you draw first? Right or left?

Oh wow, very unique question.. i think the right side…. Does that mean anything? haha

  • breakyourneck answered: you might hate me for not knowing… but what does daggum mean? :)

well, it’s like saying “dang” or “darn.” haha I don’t like profanity so I try not to use it. “Daggum it” is the same thing as saying “Dang it.” It’s a rather southern term.

  • jennadm answered: where do you go shopping?

I don’t shop much, I hate spending money, makes me nervous. But if i do, I LOVE thrift stores more than mall stores. But also love forever 21, urban outfitters, anthropologe.

  • dorothyyy answered: What is one song you currently can’t stop listening to/listen to often?

So many! “Reading in Bed” by Emily Haines. “It’s Over” by John Legend. “Gold Guns Girls” by Metric. & Brighten’s new record has 2 songs on it that I’ve probably played like a billion times. It’s incredible. And I don’t know why but that I can’t get enough of that “Best I ever Had” song by Drake. The video bummed me out tho. ha

  • tomj2006 answered: What is your favorite movie of all time?

tie between “ever after” and “dumb & dumber” cause ones my favorite love story & the other is favorite comedy by far.

  • kirbymishlen answered: where did you get that awesome paula deen mug?

my mom surprised me with it yesterday. we went to cracker barrel & she got it before we ate :)

  • wondrouswillowtress answered: can you tell us anything about the new record?
  • vince answered: hey!!:) umm does lydia have a set release for new cd…or are you guys just starting the writing process!.please come to halifax novascotia!

Not really… yet. Just that we are working on it right now! haha and no set date either, sorry

  • Tasha answered: when your not touring with Lydia, what do you do? Are you going to school or just making music?

I used to always come home and work random jobs til I had to go back but I don’t do that much anymore cause it’s so stressful, even though I should. If anything, I nanny while I’m here for the kids families that I used to take care of when I taught preschool before joining the band.

  • marlenvictoria answered: what are sone if the perks of being the only girl in a band? & what advice would you give someone about going on tour with guys?
  • suppmindy answered: what’s touring like with a bunch of boys?
  • kellyhope answered: Whats it like being a female in a heavly male orintated industry? Do you ever feel out of your league?

I LOVE it. It’s nice cause I don’t really hang with many girls as it is, so being around all guys is a lot more comfortable for me. My advice would be to only tour if you can handle it, take everything with a grain of salt, and always carry baby powder & baby wipes for you face and hair. haha

people, art, music, a pretty day, everything! things that make me pause & think. like Arthur Rackham. genuine people. random acts of kindness.

  • socophoto answered: The only lydia show I’ve been to was at the Mad Hatter in KY, and you werent with them at the time. What made you leave/why did you come back

I left for personal reasons, & I hated to do it. I finally was able to come back a few months later & was so happy cause I missed it more than anything.

  • jamminjenna answered: do you have any tattoos and if you do what/where are they?

I have “daggum” tattooed on the inside of my lip. That’s it so far!

  • notworthmoney answered: Do you remember meeting me at the show in Sacramento you guys played in May? I was that kid that drove from Reno.

Oh yes yes I do! Hello again and thanks for being so awesome :)

  • gibbyphills answered: Which football (the proper one) team do you support?

haha gibby! actually no favorite. i really only enjoy watching baseball unless i’m at an actual game. YANKEES, BOOOYAH

haha you don’t want to marry someone you don’t know! come onnn! ha

  • cambo answered: you think all these social networking sites do more harm than good, or is it just a different way to reach out to people?

I think the sites work both ways. In one way, they are amazing for allowing us to connect with friends, family, fans, etc & they’ve been an incredible tool in helping people succeed in areas in their lives by promotion & such. But like anything, if used for the wrong reason, they can be bad news. But it also depends on what you put out there to be read, or what you, yourself are reading. I tend to stay away from any websites where I know I might read or something that I don’t want to, it’s not worth it. I now only use them for things I NEED or really want to use them for.

Geeeeeez I just imagined it in my head…. getting a fresh cp of coffee in hand, walking out to my back porch and seeing the trees dressed in their fall clothes & the crisp chilly wind going in circles….my favorite season!

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